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New Rate Structure/Increase 2024

While it is our intention to keep rates as low as possible, rising cost of operations has forced the District to drop the tiered rate structure and to increase the minimum charge effective on the April 2024 bill.

The minimum bill which includes up to 1,000 gallons of water will increase from $5.86 to 6.00 (plus the state primacy fee.) Total $6.44 minimum for County Residence and $6.50 for City Residence.

The tiered rate structure will drop. All water usage over the minimum of 1,000 gallons will be $0.24 cents per 100 gallons, or $2.40 per thousand gallons.

A billing of 5,000 gallons will be $16.04 (plus Missouri Sales Tax of 1% for City Residence.)

As we continue to feel the impact of the economy while maintaining our financial obligations, cost of materials and services, and equipment needed to manage day-to-day operations, the Board of Directors felt this increase was necessary to continue to provide safe drinking water to our customers. This is the first change/increase in rate structure since 2005.